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Meet JennyHi, I’m Jenny and thanks for stopping by my blog!
I was diagnosed with  severe eczema in January 2012.  I sought out diagnosis and treatment through several avenues, but did not see any improvement until I began a gluten free and cow’s milk free eating style.
I have learned a lot through this journey and want to share some recipes with others who may have a gluten and cow’s milk intolerance.
I especially wanted to convert the recipes handed down to me from my grandmothers and great-grandmothers.   I was blessed to have 4 great grandmothers alive when I was born and the last one passed away when I was 15, so I was able to spend a great deal of time in her kitchen.
I am a single mom with  a degree in Holistic Nutrition who believes in living simply to simply live better.
Let’s start cooking



  1. Greetings to all who have been blessed to have learned tasted and experienced the great food from lets be yummy. Every since my brother told me to check out Jenny’s website I have eaten some of the most delicious food from Lagazna, Banana Bread, Southwest chicken. The food is great. I would say to Jenny keep up the good work.!!!

  2. Jenny,
    This site of yours is amazing! My mother-in-law is gluten intolerant, and I have been introduced to many gluten-free recipes every time she visits.

    I’d love to do everything I can to help you get the word out about your site and what you have to offer. I just ran a class at Rowan Cabarrus a few weeks ago where I helped a room full of entrepreneurs learn more ways about growing their businesses.

    The college just asked me to host another such class in the fall.

    Can I keep you in the loop via email? I would love to have you attend (and it’s free!).

    Talk to you soon,

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