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Cauliflower Casserole Gluten Free

I tend to prefer cauliflower steamed as a vegetable as opposed to eating raw.  I really do not even use it in a salad. This casserole cooks the cauliflower to the consistency I like, not raw but not mushy. The ...

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Savory Hummus Recipe

I was introduced to Hummus at the age of 10 during a trip to Israel.  I remembered it as being “alright” as a child. After studying nutrition, and pre gluten free/cow’s milk free lifestyle,  I made a decision to decrease ...

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Cashew Cream Recipe

In the cow’s milk free world I now live in, I have to find substitutes for cream cheese and sour cream, to name a few ingredients. This cashew cream is the perfect go-to item when I need cream cheese in ...

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Summer Garden Potato Salad Recipe

I was raised on mayonnaise based potato salad.  The other year my mom (yes the noncook!) found this recipe and tried it.  I admit I was very skeptical but this was the bomb! I loved this potato salad.  Now if ...

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Sweet & Sour Salad Recipe

Sweet & Sour Salad

Need a fast, easy, nutritional and great tasting dish? This is it! This is the go to recipe any season, but I especially like it in the summer… at the beach. It is fast and easy to prepare, I mean ...

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